McCann Aviation Weather Research, Inc. offers VVCLOUD as a cloud forecasting algorithm that incorporates the meteorological variables important to cloud formation. The VVICE icing algorithm has to compute the cloud liquid water (CLW), including convectively generated CLW in order to compute aircraft icing potential. Levels at which there is positive CLW are levels with clouds. 

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Conceptually, the meteorological conditions that cause low visibility are  easy to observe. However, today's numerical forecast models poorly forecast the boundary layer, so they do not reliably forecast these observed conditions. McCann Aviation Weather Research, Inc. is working on alternative techniques.

Clouds and Visibility

According to the National Transporation Safety Board (NTSB), every year low clouds and visibility directly or indirectly account for the largest  number of aircraft accidents, mainly small aircraft.  However, low clouds and visibility also impact large aircraft by closing or restricting major airports, causing ground delays.

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